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A deleted account
Deleted account

Posted: 30th Mar 2006
Time: 1:27 AM
Pussy pumping.

I have received tons of comments and emails about how I should try a pussy pump. After much discussion with the hubby we finally decided to see if we could find one and give it a try. Always up for an adventure, I carefully picked out my outfit. I found a really nice bustier in black and red that went well with my black skin tight short skirt. No panties in case I wanted to flash someone smile Then I put on a pair of red open toe high heels to show off my pedicure. Finally I spent an hour fluffing and primping my face and hair until I had the just perfect look. We went to the adult toy store in Dallas. The trip there was great and my pussy was soaking as the hubby drove and I flashed my boobs and pussy at all the truckers we passed. Great fun smile Finally we got to the biggest "Adult" store in Dallas. We go in and check out the toys. There it was... the last pussy pump they had. We grabbed it up and then chose a few other toys to add to our collection. Off we go flashing more truckers on the way to a restaurant for dinner and then a club for a few drinks. I was ready and primed with a sopping wet pussy by the time we got home and broke out the pump. Arrggghhh.... no directions! Well no problem. How hard can it be? Put the pump on and pump up the pussy! I can't say as I liked the look... but we were both excited to see how it would feel. Hmmmmm.... how long do I leave it pumped? I had no idea so we decided 20 minutes sounded good. 20 minutes passed and we released the pump and looked at the red circle around my pussy.... not too pretty. Ah well... lets see what it feels like. Down the hubby goes and gives me a hell of a tongue lashing. Then a serious pounding that had me cumming all over the place. Was it the pump? Nope. Just the usual orgasms I have when my hubby fucks me somewhat silly.
I'll have to admit I was somewhat dissappointed. I have heard tons of people who claim it is great and adds lots of sensitivity. I didn't really get anything out of it except a kind of uncomfortable feeling after a while of having it on. No big change in sensitivity as far as I could tell. Has anyone here tried it? Am I doing something wrong? Is this something that needs to be accomplished over time? How do you get your pussy swollen and purple like all the pictures people send me? Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.
Z.P. Beeble
 Male Z.P. Beeble

Posted: 15th Apr 2006
Time: 5:07 PM
Never heard of anything like this! I can understand pumping a cock, but a pussy? Tell me more. What's is supposed to do?
Larry DeMan
 Male Larry DeMan

Posted: 6th Jul 2006
Time: 3:33 PM
Pussy pumps are used to draw the blood to the area you want stimulated. The best area is usually the clit which when pumped up becomes very large and sensitive. Should never leave pump on more than 30 minutes. Pumping the labia (pussy lips) can add more sensitivity to the area when the blood is drawn there. Clit pumps which can also be used for the nipples or vice versa are very effective if used correctly. Women who like nipple play, sucking, lite biting etc. will find their nipples become even more sensitive when pumped. A fun thing to do with your partner is to have him/her enclose theeir lips around your clit tightly and suck hard for as long as they can (at least 5 min) to get the blood into the clit and then start licking. Should be great for powerful orgasms and while they are licking/sucking your clit, stick a finger or fingers into your pussy and find your "G" spot and lightly rub it and you should have a combined clitoral vaginal orgasm which makes some women have a "female ejaculation". Be prepared if this happens because it can be very wet if she is a squirter like my wife.
 Couple antoine

Posted: 23rd May 2007
Time: 9:47 PM
Larry knows of what he speaks. we (my wife maria) pumps her pussy and finds it to be very visually stimulating as well as mentally and phisically. she'll usually pump for about 15 mins. then realease and pump a little more. she becomes much wetter than normal and has greater orgasms and it really excites me. i think that maybe in a more relaxed enviroment you may achive better results. wish you the best and peace. on our pages we have some pumped picyures posted that you may find interesting, have a peek.
A deleted account
Deleted account

Posted: 2nd Jun 2007
Time: 10:00 PM
Anyone who is interested in learning more about pussy pumping (and seeing member submitted photos) can register for free at the Newart Forums: http://forums.newart.com/phpbb/

 Couple marlboronwench

Posted: 7th Dec 2009
Time: 1:56 AM
We have the pussy pump and WOW it's great! love how sensitive it makes her before i tongue her
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 posts.

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